Friday, September 7, 2012

9.7.12 - Celebrate with keepscrappin designs

Brownie Scraps is 4 and we're celebrating all month long in September so make sure you join in on the fun.
Check out all the Birthday Bash info here.

I've been busy this week getting the kids back in school and preparing for all the birthday stuff this month.  We've got some fabulous activities planned and a 3 day bake sale at the end of the month to reward you for participating in the birthday fun.  Make sure you check out the info in this blog post on how to earn brownie bucks that you can use to get exclusive Bake Sale items that will be retired after the sale.  The packs that are coming in are wonderful and you won't want to miss out on them.

Speaking of packs, I've got 3 new packs for ya'll today.  Let's start with 2 Debut v.2 - I love the paper strips and white space on these.  They can be turned or flipped for even more options.

Around the Block v.1 - I loved the play on words with these of using a circle shape around the blocks of paper and photos.  I hope you enjoy them too.

And last I have Bracket Love v.2 - It no secret that I love brackets!  I have to hold myself back to not use them on every layout.... LOL

The CT gals have done it once again with these template packs and have some fabulous, inspiring layout examples. 

by Jenn S

by March

by Roxana

By Stefanie

by Christina

by Roxana

by Christie

by Roxana

by Stefanie

Before I go I just want to remind you about the $5 FWP sale Brownie Scraps does each week.  And this month the deal is even sweeter during our Birthday Bash.  For every $5 or over purchase you make, you will receive a free template pack and 1 brownie buck.  The brownie bucks are worh $1 each and are good for the bake sale items that will be on sale at the end of the month.  The brownie bucks are given out on this scale - $5 purchase gets 1 bb, $10 purchase gets 3 bbs, and a $15 purchase gets 5 bbs.  So be sure to grab all the packs you want this week at one time (mixing designers is allowed), so you can earn the free pack and the most brownie bucks possible.  You can also earn brownie bucks by participating in the challenges, pinterest hunt, and CYOSAs, so make sure to check the Brownie Scraps blog daily for all the info and play along for more rewards.
Take care and keepscrappin'
- Kayla

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