Thursday, December 27, 2012

Scrap a weeks worth....

Are you attempting to do Project 365 in the new year?  I thought about it but I've never been good at getting a photo a day, so I would just get discouraged and give up on January 2nd!  LOL  However, I do love looking at P365 layouts and the whole idea of it, so I wanted to help you get a great start on your P365 for twenty 13.

You can scrap a whole weeks worth of photos with A Weeks Worth v.1 from keepscrappin designs.

If you're like me and would be too overwhelmed with the whole P365 thing, these templates can still work for you.  Use them for multi-photo layouts or fill in some of the spots with all the pretty pattern paper you've got.  They make for a fabulous, quick layout.  Just take a look at what the CT girls did with them.

by Stefanie

by Sheila

by Jenn S

by Gayle

by Roxana

I can't wait to see the layouts you make with these templates.  Please share them in my keepscrappin designs gallery at BrownieScraps, so we can ohh and ahh over them.

Have you heard? BrownieScraps is hosting a scrappin contest in January. It's called the Scrapper and you can win a CT spot. You get 4 free templates and scrap one layout a week. It'll be tons of fun and who knows you may be the Scrapper. Check out the forum here to sign up for all the fun.

Take care and keepscrappin'
- Kayla

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